An exemplary end result

We lead projects from start to finish working with clients to ensure their vision becomes reality.

- 01

Interior Design

We interpret your vision, ideas and style and translate them into a space you will love.

- 02

Specification and Drawings

Our designers create technical drawings and 3-D images of your living space before any construction work begins.

- 03

Material Selection and Procurement

We work with you to select the best products to suit your style and budget.

- 04

Construction Management

Our team of skilled trades people complete the project to your custom specifications.

- 05


In addition to building changes we work with clients to select and install furnishings such as curtains and blinds, arrange the furniture, hang artwork on the wall, and accessorize spaces with free standing lights, rugs, pillows to achieve the desired room ambiance.

- 06


Some spaces are connected to the outside garden.  The Urban City also plans and creates luxurious outdoor patio areas connecting the indoors with nature.